Suggested process for issues that fall outside of the 1 year warranty that may or may not be covered by the continuing warranty are detailed below:

File a complaint with ACES Builders Warranty

Brenda See
Customer Service Manager with ACES Builders Warranty
Phone: (281) 362-5413
Fax: (281) 362-5432

Please keep us posted as to what you learn and feel free to copy the HOA on any and all correspondence.

Other Solutions for Homeowners

Nesting Birds in Exhaust Vents

Aluminum Leaf Strainer – This solution is an easy fix for birds in your exhaust vents. This solution is NOT to be used for your dryer vent. They can be rolled up smaller and then expand when in the vent. You may choose to install this yourself, or if you prefer, the following contractors have been suggested as resources to do the installation for you at your cost.

Daniel Guzman, GTI Enterprises. (Insured) (512) 971-0680

Jesus Garcia (512) 436-1188

Buy at Home Depot

Front Door Replacement

If you are in need of replacing your door, or simply want to change the door to another approved door, there are the following options.

Attached Units: We have worked with Lowes to select a replacement door for the attached units. You can find the downloadable PDF with all instructions below.

Download Instructions for Attached Unit Door Installation from Lowes.

Detached Units: 2 Options, Lonestar Version and Bluebonnet Version. Details to come soon.

Download Instructions for Detached Unit Door Installation.

Outdoor Lighting Replacement

The Sycamore Townhomes requires all exterior lighting to conform to the color and brightness for the cohesion of the community.

Attached Units: Details coming soon.

Detached Units: 13W, 900 lumens white or soft light CFL incandescent mini bulbs.

Photo Sensing Outdoor Lighting

The Sycamore Townhomes detached units have a photo sensor located on your electric panel outdoors. This is a module that you can slip the silver lining over to test, but electricity from the Garage Exterior Light, Carport Light, Front Porch Light, and Back Porch Lights are all on this sensor. Therefore you can leave your lights on, and they will automatically shut off when daylight.

Exterior and Interior Paint Codes

Please use the Kelly Moore Paint Center on Victory Blvd to obtain original paint colors for exterior (and interior if you like) paint.

Download Exterior Paint Codes Download Interior Paint Codes

Insulated Windows, Doors

The original windows and doors were provided by Probuild and manufactured from PlyGem. Insulated windows are Builder 3700 Series.

Download Warranty Brochure for Windows 

Interior Glass and Mirrors

The original glass for shower doors and mirrors.

Visit Fashion Glass